Major annual events in Kyoto.

January 1st

New Years-Hatsu Mode at Fushimi Inari Shrine

February 3rd

Setsubun Sai, A Bean-Throwing Festival at Yoshida Shrine

March 3rd

A Doll Festival at Ichihime Shrine

May 15th

The Hollyhock Festival, Aoi Matsuri, and Parade

July 1st – July 29th

Gion Matsuri

2nd Monday in August

Obon 5 Mountains on Fire Festival

October 22nd

Jidai Remembering the Era’s Festival

November 1st – 10th

Gion Maiko and Geisha dances and performances

December 31st

New Years Eve at Chioin Temple – Giant Bell Ringing event to bring in the New Year